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TrackMe! Guam now offers a range of products based on RF Technology.  Whether you need Security/Door Access, Electronic Ticketing System or an Identification System, the RF Products that we provide will fit your needs.


Guard Patrol


RF Guard Patrol systems comprise of checkpoints, data collectors, downloading units and software. The checkpoints can be surface-mounted with tamper proof security screws, and can even be concealed if needed. Data gathered by these check points can be read by merely pointing a hand-held, lightweight, data collector at them. This makes data collection easy, especially if the checkpoints are located in places that are physically difficult to access.

Cash Card Payment System


With RF Technology, you can "Store Value" on RF Cards.  Typical applications include Transit System Farecards or Cafeterias.  Using this system, allows for companies more control when providing products or services to consumers, enabling the consumers ease of use when paying for such product or service.

Access Control


Office personnel need not worry about the safety of their office and premises, with RF Solutions for Access Control, restricts and allows only registered staff that have proper RF Identification to restricted areas.


Some Features for Access Control


  • Authorize and Restrict Employees or guest to certain locations 

  • Retreivable Data logs to track down recorded log-in and out

  • Easy to use

  • Add, Edit and Delete ID data

  • Time Delay lock adjustable


TrackMe! Guam provides RF Readers and Tags of different shapes and sizes that cater to the specific  application requested.



Other Types of RF Solutions Provided:


  • Time In/Attendance

  • Electronic Ticketing

  • Inventory

  • Basic Identification

  • Data Collection

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