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StarLink Voice is based on the StarLink Tracker platform with additional integrated hands-free capabilities allowing two-way communication between the driver and a control center.



StarLink Voice offers:

  • Accident detection (using CANalog or eSafe accessories)

  • During an accident event – automatically generated voice call to predefined phone number

    (E-Call – using CANalog or eSafe accessories)

  • Full duplex voice calls

  • Ringer and speaker control

  • Silent monitoring support while speaker is muted

  • Preset quick dial phone numbers

  • Single-button-generated voice call to up to 5 predefined phone numbers (using KeyPad – optional)



StarLink Voice can be used for E-Call and B-Call services:
The driver can initiate a service call or a panic call to the control center and/or to a preset number at the click of a button.

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