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TrackMe! Guam provides a variety of Vehicle Upgrades, Modifications and Installations:

Reverse/Back-Up Sensors


Do you tend to be a little weary of reversing your vehicle?  We now  provide Reverse/Parking sensors for you to be sure that there are no children or toys behind the vehicle when reversing and for ease of  parking.


We have (2) and (4) sensor systems for Regular Bumpers* in black (these sensors can be painted to color match vehicle)**, and (2) sensor systems for Metal Bumpers in Black and Silver.

* Regular Bumpers - Plastic Bumpers

** Must be painted by another Auto/Body Shop

Hands-Free Voice System


TrackMe! Guam now provides a Hands‐Free Voice/Communication for your vehicle. With this system iseliminates the use of radios/walkie talkies and also follows the new laws of cellular phone usage while driving.With this system, anyone from the office or dispatch can call to the vehicle and the driver/employee can onlycall one number designated by an official. With this features it allows the official to control the usage ofcommunication from the driver.

Alarm Systems


Tired of constantly having to remember that all the doors are locked in your car? What if your car was broken in to? We have car alarm systems that provide auto door lock and theft protection so your vehicle is always secure and alert.

Audio Systems


We also provide installation services for audio systems such as stereos, speakers, sub-woofers, amplifiers and DVD players.

Vehicle PC/Infotainment System


We now provide installattion services for versatile car computer systems (also known as Mobile Data Terminals [MDTs], carputers,  vehicle PCs and in-car PCs).

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