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Our solutions use GPS/GSM/GPRS technology to track your vehicles. System reports and alerts are supported by wireless technology and are web-based, producing  fully-mapped, updated reports. You may monitor your vehicles in real-time from any computer or smart phone with internet access. 


TrackMe! Guam’s systems provide Google and Vector maps of Guam, Saipan and the Philippines with no additional roaming charges.



  • Reduced Fuel, Maintenance and Operation Costs

  • Increased employee productivity and safety

  • Improved efficiency and utilization of Fleet

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance and Detection of Side Jobs

  • Vehicle Maintenance with Service Due control

  • Knowledge of Routes and Destinations that Correspond with Fuel Usages



  • Time, Distance and Velocity Monitoring

  • Immediate Alerts upon alarm triggering

  • Trip Replay, Virtual Fencing and Points of Interest

  • Driver Identification/Information and Vehicle Information

  • Operational and statistical reports that exportable to Excel and PDF Formats

  • Maintenance/Service Record Monitoring

  • View Virtual Dashboard Gauges

  • Monitor Fuel Tank Capacity, Refuels, Fuel Theft and Fuel Consumption

  • Routing and Navigation for Dispatch

  • Can View Via Smart Phone

  • Various Sensors - Immobilizer, Battery, Fuel Level, Open/Close Door, etc.


Using  fleet management solutions, fleet managers succeed in reducing fleet management costs by 12%-30%.

TrackMe! Guam’s fleet management solutions provide critical and actionable information via:

  • Server-based Web application for real time vehicle and asset tracking, route verification and geo-fencing from anywhere in the world.

  • Real time alerts and comprehensive reports regarding driver performance, vehicle  diagnostics, driver productivity, and much more..

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