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With fluctuating fuel costs, TrackMe! Guam's Fuel Management solution provides advanced management tools for any company’s biggest operating expense – FUEL.  Fleet managers are constantly seeking greater control over fuel supplies to improve overall fuel economy and to eliminate loss due to theft. With our solutions, we can help! Using innovative and advanced telematics systems, we can help make commercial fleets more profitable and workers more productive.

Our solution consists of a Fuel Pump Control System that helps fleet managers effectively track fuel dispensing and tank status. The system records the operators and fuel pump activities while preventing unauthorized use. The system can be integrated with TrackMe! Guam’s Fleet Management systems which allows mileage or engine hours to be tracked and fuel consumption of a vehicle. It can improve fleet performance and reduce down time through accurate preventive maintenance.


The Pump Control unit controls each pump hose independently.  With multiple vehicle identification methods, the unit authorizes the vehicle to pump fuel and collects the vehicle data. At the completion of each transaction, the Pump Control Unit sends the data over GPRS Cellular Network to the server for compilation.

Benefits of Implementing a Fuel Management Solution:


  • Help Reduce Fuel Costs by up to 25%

  • Increase Employee Productivity and Safety

  • Improve Efficiency and Utilization of Fuel

  • Knowledge and Control of Fuel Usage

  • Provide Unattended yet Secured Access to Refueling Processes

  • Help Eliminate Manual Logging of Data with Automatic Recording and Reconciliation

Sample Fuel Management System Installations
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