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The Universal Unit™ is a multi-purpose GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle telematics device. Whether used in private cars, trucks, or any other kind of rolling stock, the Universal Unit™ is a cost-effective fleet management solution with many advanced features for real-time vehicle telematics, including:


  • Tire pressure and temperature monitoring (TPMS) for up to 38 tires

  • Driver and Vehicle performance monitoring


These features provide real-time information to generate reports for enhanced vehicle tracking, security  and driver safety.

As an integral part of a driver monitoring and vehicle   telematicssolution, the Universal Unit™ actively promotes reduced fuel consumption and timely maintenance. The Universal Unit™ encourages eco-drive practices to reduce CO2 emissions and vehicle wear and tear. Altogether, the Universal Unit™ can make a significant contribution to savings in fuel and fleet maintenance costs.

Completely integrated with a Web-based tracking and monitoring solution, the Universal Unit™ passively generates reports and provides real time, accurate, and reliable information regarding vehicle location and driver behavior. Generated reports based on user-defined parameters and current GPS coordinates are easily accessed via a dedicated website to be viewed by designated recipients at the home office.

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